Despite Elimination, Lincoln Bus Ridership Up This Year

By Sam Charles | Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Credit: Sam Charles

The fate of #11 Lincoln bus may be sealed, with its final ride scheduled for Dec. 16, but statistics from the Chicago Transit Authority show that the bus has seen more than 24,000 additional riders from January – October 2012 than during the same time period in 2011.

Through Oct. 31, the #11 has given rides to 1,419,958 people, compared to the 1,395,186 last year.

The Lincoln bus is being eliminated because of an overlap of service with the Brown Line, Ald. Ameya Pawar (47th) has said.

The busiest month so far this year was October, with more than 151,000 riders, about 7,500 more than in 2011. Ridership reached its lowest in January and July, with about 135,000 people riding each month.

Pawar has previously decried the CTA’s decision to eliminate the bus as “out of touch,” saying the CTA did little to evaluate their decision’s impact on the local economy, adding that #11 bus serves as a lifeline for seniors and students in the area, as well as a boon to businesses along Lincoln Avenue.

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  • pauselaugh

    Terrible decision that is going to stifle businesses between fullerton and western along lincoln, which were finally picking up walking traffic and some momentum.

    It will only serve to crowd ALREADY CROWDED rush hour trains.

    Cutting the # of busses makes (some) sense. Cutting it entirely is completely ridiculous. They could easily move a single bus from any other route to the lincoln route, cut all of the other busses, and still effectively cut the same amount of busses while keeping the route. You telling me that a single bus going north from lincoln and western or south from fullerton can’t be used to shuttle between the two stops in a ~30 minute loop? Even 1 bus an hour at any stop between those two is valuable.

    Also, the montrose ravenswood stop is nowhere near lincoln. So it’s really poor planning to have stops where you can see bus stops within half a block of each other but somehow it’s OK or seen as analogous or “close enough” when montrose brown line is a quarter to a half mile away?

    This chart is also misleading, since it shows ridership of the entire 11 bus, but I thought the cut was only to the section between western and fullerton brown line stops? Is there no lincoln bus at all now?

  • http://spudart.org/ spudart

    Fantastic graph. I’d love to see more graphs like this.

    Any explanation why the riderships goes up and down every couple months? I’m assuming June and July is down, because school is not in session. But why would September drop?

    • mattfromchicago

      Just glancing at the calendar, it looks like simple luck of the draw. In 2012, September 1 was a Saturday and September 30 was a Sunday, plus subtracting Labor Day, September was left with only 19 non-holiday weekdays. August and October, on the other hand, each had 23 (22 in October if you count Columbus Day as a holiday).

      2011, for what it’s worth was: August 23, September 20*, October 23/22**
      * – Labor Day not counted
      ** – 23 counting Columbus Day, 22 not

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