The Possible End of FantaSea Lounge, Fourth of July Fireworks, and Other Beat 2032 CAPS News

By Cody Prentiss | Friday, May 28, 2010

Chicago Police Car. Credit: Mike Fourcher

According to the Chicago Police Department, Beat 2032 is mostly quiet–except for one particularly noisy restaurant: FantaSea Lounge, which is located at 2122 W. Lawrence Ave.

Thirteen residents and several officers?including the 20th District?s police commander, Lucy Moy-Bartosik?met for beat 2032′s bimonthly CAPS meeting this week. Officer Soto, who helps?patrol the area, said he’s received several noise complaints about the restaurant and had to brake up a “Facebook party” that took place there on May 9. According to Moy-Bartosik, the establishment doesn?t have proper licensing to serve alcohol with a closed kitchen. Lincoln Square Ald. Eugene Schulter?s chief of staff, Dan Luna, said the alderman has been working with city officials and they intend to close the FantaSea.

?The alderman is moving forward to closing [FantaSea Lounge] down permanently,? said Luna.

Moy-Bartosik also announced the lakefront area between Lawrence and Foster avenues has been selected as one of sites for the Fourth of July fireworks.?Lucy Moy-Bartosik said the fireworks will cause heavy congestion from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m., and residents should brace themselves for the influx of people.

?We are going to try to be as accommodating as possible, but you have to understand it?s going to be horrendous,? Moy-Bartosik said. An estimated 350,000 to 400,000 people will be coming into the area to watch the fireworks, she said.

The next Beat 2032 CAPS meeting is scheduled for July 28.

Statistics from Beat 2032

Between March 31 and May 26, there were:

33 reported incidents of theft. There were 34 last year.

17 reported incidents of battery. There were 15 last year.

11 reported incidents of criminal damage. There were 18 last year.

Six arrests for narcotics. There were seven last year.

Six reported incidents of motor vehicle theft. There were three last year.

Five reported incidents of assault. There were five last year.

Four reported incidents of public peace violation.

Four reported incidents of deceptive practices. There were two last year.

Two reported incidents of robbery. There were five last year.

Two reported incidents of criminal trespass. There were two last year.

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  • Leslie O’Brien

    Neighbors whom live close to Winnemac Park are again dreading the 4th of July and the mass of persons whom invade the park with illegial fireworks. Most of the people do not live in the immediate area of Winnemac Park. The amount of Fireworks makes downtown’s show look shabby. There is no organization, everyone and anyone from age 5 and up are blowing up various types, some even go high in the sky and burst forth in color. Every year things fall off shelves because high calaber bombs are lite. Our dogs are scared to death buy the noise and we homeowners fear for our property.No one has been hurt yet but it is only a matter of time.The park is a mess the next morning.

  • David Flinn

    Well, Leslie. Speak for yourself. Winnemac 4th is a highlight of the year. Its great fun. Why do you care if most people dont live in the immediate area? Dogs?? please.

  • Jim Saul

    I agree with Leslie. I saw a firework go into the crowd tonight and explode. Luckily nobody was hurt, but it really is only a matter of time. There really needs to be a curfew, say 10pm. Some people have to work the next morning and they have to feel like they’re in a war zone till 3 in the morning.

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