Darkstar Video Retail Space Listed for Sale

By Laura Pearson | Monday, July 12, 2010

Darkstar Video. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

The retail space that houses Darkstar Video (4355 N. Lincoln Ave.) has been listed for sale. The 1,100 square foot space near the corner of Montrose, Lincoln, and Leavitt is being offered for $239,000 and is listed as suitable for “many office or retail uses.”

A Center Square Journal reporter asked the owner, Michael Edwards, about Darkstar Video being for sale, but he declined to comment.

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  • Jim

    This is either the second listing for the place, or it has been listed for months. Originally, the listing was very specific that anyone interested in the property should not approach the business owner with questions.

  • Stephanie

    I sure hope Darkstar stays. Mike is a great guy and the selection and prices are reasonable. We’ve been going there for years.

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