Customer Reviews Say Sexual Favors Allegedly Offered In Neighborhood Massage Parlors

By Sam Charles | Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Lily Spa, 2050 W. Belmont Ave., is one of several area massage parlors and spas that have been reviewed on various illicit websites for sexual favors they have allegedly performed for customers. Credit: Sam Charles

Six massage parlors in Lincoln Square, Northcenter, Roscoe Village and West Lakeview allegedly provide paid sexual favors, according to a highly sophisticated and well-organized website created to collect customer reviews of prostitution.

The businesses in Center Square Journal’s and Roscoe View Journal’s combined coverage areas were cited by different websites as establishments where patrons could receive sexual favors in exchange for their business.

According to the several different websites, New Hope Spa, 3128 N. Lincoln Ave.; Ping Spa, 3748 N. Ashland Ave.; Linda Spa, 4014 N. Western Ave.; Lily Spa, 2050 W. Belmont Ave.; Massage and Acupuncture Center, 4616 N. Western Ave.; and Harvest Spa, 1919 W. Diversey Parkway, all now or in the recent past, have offered sexual favors in exchange for cash to patrons, according to customer reviews.

There were over 70 total reviewed locations across Chicago, and even more in the suburbs.

The reviews are graphic, detailing exactly what employees of the parlors are willing to do for patrons, how much money they expect in return, how safe patrons felt entering the establishment, whether or not the parlor is located on a busy section of street and how patrons should conduct themselves to ensure they receive sexual favors.

Samples reviews and screenshots of the websites, are at the bottom of this story. NOTE: The reviews contain vulgar language.

New Hope Spa, 3128 N. Lincoln Ave. Credit: Sam Charles

The websites—some of which require a paid subscription, while others are free of charge—are relatively easy to find with a Google search. One of the sites, RubMaps.com, requires a $15 monthly subscription to read and post reviews and has reviews for massage parlors across the country. Included in the reviews are checklists for “services” that are offered.

Rubmaps.com, which appears to be based in Cyprus, according to information on the site, still stipulates that users must refrain from “Transmitting any information, data, text, files, links, software, chats, communication or other materials that is unlawful.”

RubMaps.com did not respond to requests for an interview by publication.

The spas, which appear to be mostly operated by East Asian immigrants, claimed a language barrier  when contacted. When a reporter called one spa and identified himself to ask about the reviews of  sexual favors, the answerer repeatedly claimed they did not speak English.

But even with the relative frequency of reviews being posted during the last year–there are 50 total reviews for the six parlors on RubMaps.com in the last year alone–there has been no noticeable action taken to stop  the alleged activities.

Check a map of the reviewed massage parlors here.

The Chicago Police Department has a policy of not releasing exact addresses of arrests, only just the block number where an incident occurred. However, on the list of reported incidents on the City’s data portal, arrest locations are identified with X and Y coordinates, as well as whether the incident happened on the street or in a different area, giving a clearer idea of exactly where an incident was reported to have occurred.

According to the City data, CPD has made two arrests for prostitution on the same block as two of the allegedly massage parlors in the last year, on Dec. 7, 2011 on the same block as Harvest Spa, 1919 W. Diversey Parkway and on Oct. 17, 2012 on the same block as Ping Spa, 3748 N. Ashland Ave.

All of the establishments in Roscoe View Journal and Center Square Journal‘s coverage area that allegedly offer clients sexual gratification also currently hold a Chicago Massage Establishment License, according to city records.

Massage and Acupuncture Center, 4616 N. Western Ave. Credit: Sam Charles

Chicago’s Department of Business Affairs is responsible for granting licenses and inspecting businesses that seek and are granted Massage Establishment Licenses. To acquire a license, massage parlor proprietors must be fingerprinted, pass a background check, employ only those with personal massage licenses and provide copies of all massage therapist licenses issued by the Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation for every employee or prospective employee. These inspections, according to the department website, are administered before the license is initially granted and every two years when the license is renewed, in addition to periodic random inspections.

According the department’s website, “Message establishment operators should not allow its employees, agents or independent contractors to touch, or offer or agree to touch the sexual or genital area of any person. Engaging in any of these acts makes the Massage Establishment licensee strictly liable for revocation or suspension of the license.”

When contacted by Center Square Journal, CPD declined to speak on the record before publication.

Additional reporting by Mike Fourcher.

NOTE: The screenshots below contain graphic, vulgar language.


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  • http://twitter.com/lykorian mark daugherty

    so who exactly are the victims here? these businesses are simply providing a service for consenting adults.

    • JustSaying_IMFO

      Only if the “employees” are working there willingly.

      • Mel Content

        Every girl working in a storefront parlor is there on her own free will. No trafficker is going to risk losing a girl or getting busted by keeping her in an environment where cops, public inspectors, or a sympathetic customer off the street can just walk in or out of the place. If you’re referring to trafficked women against their will, they are usually kept in private locations where the customers are restricted to people of their own ethnic group.

        • Heather McCutcheon

          I wish I could agree with you. Check out this MSNBC documentary wherein inspectors found girls hidden in walls, terrified of their bosses. One changed her story mid-interview when she realized the producers were more interested in making their TV show than arresting her captors and helping her escape. She asked for help and was given a phone number to call later and left there. Intelligence and empathy are in short supply among the folks who are supposed to be eradicating these crimes. These girls are told the police will not help and for this woman, that proved out. They are pretty much on their own. Stockholm Syndrome is common. Survival. http://not-in-our-name.org/news-items-2/msnbc-documentary/

        • Mel Content

          Sorry, I don’t buy your hysteria.

        • maxmaxed

          That is an insane crap. It has nothing to do with these spas where women work voluntarily and free willingly. Nobody keeps them anywhere and they go home each day after work, closing their spas and leaving. You are a hypocrite.

  • asdfawert2w43tsbv

    Thanks for spelling out exactly how to get a HJ! Are you being paid by RupMaps.com to promote their site? It sure looks that way!

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Rub-Maps/100002143177418 Rub Maps

      It’s RubMaps.com , not RupMaps.com

  • http://www.facebook.com/kathy.swanson.505 Kathy Swanson

    Seriously aren’t there bigger issues for our limited Police force to deal with???

    • koenshaku

      Better than shooting unarmed people I guess. I guess they have the extra time since red light cams and speed cameras in unnecessary places rob us blind.

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  • Danny

    Ok we understand that a grown man goes in for favors at these places, we also know police are short of staff and we ask that there are more serious crimes police should look into. Have anyone aske how old are the girls and have anyone consider human trafficking? Yes in this year it has grown so much. It’s in demand and many of these girls are doing it because they are made or else something will happen to their families. Just Food for the brain.

  • http://www.facebook.com/heather.rudin Heather Rudin

    The issue is that it puts legitimate massage therapists at risk for sexual assault/harassment on the job. The issue is that we are working very hard to promote massage therapy as the profession that it is, one that can create tremendous amounts of positive change in the body, and this sets that work back. The issue is also that there are a tremendous amount of regulations in effect in the city that make it difficult for massages businesses that are law-abiding to get a business license. What it boils down to is this: legalize prostitution and it would protect prostitutes from being harmed as well as allow industries to create proper signage for what it is they are actually offering, keep massage therapists safe from sexual assault, and allow legitimate massage businesses to receive licenses more easily with fewer zoning complications. Too bad none of that will happen any time soon…

    • Heather McCutcheon

      Thank you for your voice. Please join in the conversation here as well: http://not-in-our-name.org/news-items-2/msnbc-documentary/

    • maxmaxed

      Thanks for honest opinion. That’s exactly how the government should deal with these spas. They should be legalized as “erotic spas” and allowed to operate legally. And then regular massage places would be out of question.

  • petejayhawk

    Frequently, women who work in these kinds of establishments (providing happy endings and so forth) are involved in sex trafficking. They may be working against their will or have come to the US under false pretenses (promises of legitimate work, etc). While I have no moral objection to consenting adults rubbing one out for a few bucks, the CONSENTING part is vital.

    • maxmaxed

      That is an utter bs

  • tomasiepants

    Come on! Most massage parlors aren’t legit. Wait until people start finding out what happens in truckstop restrooms, mall bathrooms, and forest preserves. Corrpution is everywhere.

  • disqus_nIF8A9Ei9K

    Might wanna check out http://www.not-in-our-name.org, “Massage therapists
    against sex trafficking” to find out who the victims often are. A study
    in Georgia found that more than 7,000 men/month were knowingly or
    unknowingly paying for sex with minors. Another found that many of these
    “consenting adults” are married, white collar men with children. Happy
    ending jokes just normalize these heinous crimes.

    • Mel Content

      Hate to burst your bubble, but they didn’t meet underage girls in storefront massage parlors. Many of these women are as old (if not older) than their customers.

  • http://twitter.com/TheCAASE CAASE

    Just last week, a man in Mt. Prospect was sentenced to life in prison for sex trafficking after forcing women into prostitution at a massage parlor. People who buy sex, usually men, are fueling a demand that far exceeds the supply. As a result, people are being recruited and forced into the sex trade in our neighborhoods.

    The Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation has partnered with the Not in Our Name campaign to create a toolkit for massage therapists who want to take action against sex trafficking. Learn more about this tool here: http://caase1821.blogspot.com/2012/12/mt-prospect-traffickers-conviction-is.html

  • Just Saying

    Perhaps if this activity, done behind closed doors, was legal then it would be easier for individuals who are forced into this to come forward. It would also be easier to differentiate between licensed/trained massage therapists and those who provide sexual services. We (as in society) need to remain vigilant regarding the exploitation of minors and again if this activity was legal, perhaps clients would be more likely to come forward and point out the exploitation of minors. Just a thought and please don’t descend into moral outrage. While you are welcome to your morality, I may not wish to share it.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/mattlibman Matty Lib

    These slave whores are dirty and overpriced.

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  • JohnnyBoy

    Been checking out http://www.rubmaps.com lately. It offers up the goods. I love that website. Not sure why these people are that stupid. RUB MAPS RULES.

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  • Joe Piazza

    I wonder how many “happy endings” Mr. Sam Charles received while investigating this story.

  • Angel Rivers

    are you getting paid to write this article or are you doing it for fun? These parlors are for adults; they check for ID so I really don’t see what the issue. The city of Chicago has more pressing issues to concentrate on. Gun and gang violence are at record breaking numbers. Spending the cities money on undercover sting operations is a waste of the tax payers dollar. I have always felt that non-violent crimes should not be the focus of the Chicago Police Department. We need to relieve that murderers and thugs off the streets. It is imperative to understand that our elected officials are responsible for these issues at hand. It is up to responsible Chicagoans to write to them expressing our concerns.

  • Mike

    Most Rubmaps reviews are fake. The businesses listed there are located by ‘bots crawling the web, not because the business owner wants a listing. I own a massage business. The “reviews” of my business on rubmaps mention women’s names who have never worked for me and if you read the reviews, you’ll see identical reviews listed for different businesses. To offer Rubmaps as proof of prostitution in an area is irresponsible journalism.

  • http://immaterium.me/ Jason_Constantine

    Let’s call SVU and get Benson and Stabler on this right away ^o^

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