Update: CTA Board Votes to End Lincoln Ave. Bus

By Sam Charles | Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Chicago Transit Authority Board’s Finance Committee met this afternoon and declined to reinstate funding for the #11 Lincoln bus. Credit: Sam Charles

The Chicago Transit Authority’s Board opted not to amend the proposed 2013 budget to include provisions to keep the #11 Lincoln Avenue bus route alive this afternoon, effectively ending the bus route’s existence.

The ordinance was unanimously approved by the Board’s Finance committee earlier in the day.

The only amendment to the budget was a temporary measure to exempt employees at O’Hare International Airport from paying a proposed $5 one-way rail fare.

CTA Chairman Terry Peterson said the decision to amend fair hikes for O’Hare employees was brought on by public outcry.

CTA Chief Planning Officer Rebekah Scheinfeld say the authority is working with area residents to explore the “very robust [travel] options in that corridor.”

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