CSJ Podcast #2: Center Square’s Conversation with Alderman-Elect Ameya Pawar

By Karl Klockars | Friday, May 13, 2011

Ald.-Elect Ameya Pawar (47th). Photo from campaign.

Just hours before Alderman-elect Ameya Pawar is set to be sworn in as Alderman of the 47th ward, Center Square Journal sat down with him to discuss a number of topics, including the transition process, the building of a ward council, his staffing situation, and the question of office space.

CSJ can confirm that the Pawar organization has been working on outfitting the office space directly north of the old 47th Ward offices in the old Jazz Record Mart location.  In addition, the 3-person staff will include Charna Epstein as Chief of Staff, former Mary Ann Smith staffer Ernie Constantino and a third staff member that has yet to be determined – so feel free to keep sending those resumes.

Additionally, in this podcast (recorded again at the Lincoln Restaurant) we discuss:

  • Details about the transition process
  • The status of the Ward Superintendent
  • Queries about various Schulter-era projects
  • What made him “sick to his stomach”

All this and much more in this 20+ minute long discussion.

As we said in our first podcast in March, we hope to continue these regular conversations with Alderman Pawar, so if you have any questions or concerns about the 47th ward you’re welcome to contact us.  Thanks for listening!

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  • http://www.facebook.com/SnyderFred Fred Snyder

    The old Jazz Record Mart store. That brings back memories. I suppose the movie screen is gone, but there might still be the projector room. Maybe Ald. Pawar could bring back Friday movie night. At least he could upgrade from his current garden apartment to the one above the new office.

  • Anonymous

    Believe it is Charna  with a C, not Sharna with an S.

  • Anonymous

    So, first he tells us he is not going to be part of the machine, and won’t be part of the pay-to-play system. Then, after being elected, he has a fundraiser with a “who’s who” of machine people acting as honorary chairmen. Now, he is hiring Miss Epstein, who happens to be a campaign contributor. What is truly troubling, to me at least, is the fact that she does not even reside in Chicago. She contributed money to the Alderman-elect’s campaign and listed an address on Clinton Street in Evanston on January 25, 2011. My question is; are there no qualified candidates for the chief of staff positition in need of employment whom reside in the 47th ward, or the City of Chicago for that matter? Does the residency ordinance not apply to this position? I feel bamboozled.

  • Anonymous

     Let’s rejuvenate Lawrence Avenue !

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