Crime on Brown Line Among Chief Concerns at Beat 1713 CAPS Meeting

By Laura Pearson | Friday, July 23, 2010

17th District police officers lead the outdoor CAPS meeting in Manor Park. Photo By Laura Pearson.

Yesterday four police officers and 15 residents met outside in Ravenswood Manor Park for the monthly Beat 1713 CAPS meeting. Between June 24 and July 22, 42 arrests were made in the area that covers Wilson to Foster and Kimball to the Chicago River. The same number of arrests were made during the previous evaluation period of May 26 to June 23.

After reviewing citizen reports, Sgt. Barker addressed the problem of tagging and graffiti. She suggested that residents adopt a cleanup strategy used by neighbors in nearby Beat 1724: As soon as graffiti goes up, they band together to paint over it, which seems to have helped discourage graffiti vandalism in the area.

A major topic of discussion was crime taking place in and around the El. Beat 1713 officer Sgt. Glascott described a recent incident in which four juvenile males surrounded a woman on the Brown Line and stole her iPhone before attempting to exit the train.

Another woman, who was waiting for her boyfriend on the platform, saw what was happening and called 911. The four subjects were arrested on the 4700 block of Sacramento and charged with robbery and misconduct. Glascott said that while the victim had felt uncomfortable on the train, she unfortunately did not call the police. “Now she has a broken brand new iPhone, and she’s S.O.L.”

One resident reported that her husband had been robbed at the Francisco El Stop by four juvenile males. She wondered if they were the same men who’d been arrested and whether he’d have the opportunity to identify them in a lineup.

The officers said that these perpetrators, some of whom are coming from Lawrence House (in the 20th District), are increasingly targeting Brown Line passengers. Sgt. Barker reminded residents to be aware of their surroundings on the train. “Don’t get lost in an e-book or your iPhone,” she said.

“If you feel unsafe, call 911 or push the emergency button on the El,” echoed Sgt. Glascott. “Go off your gut instinct.”

A 17th District “Keeping It Real” Burglary Workshop is scheduled for Thursday, August 19, at the Community Room on 4650 N. Pulaski Rd.

At this special CAPS event, community members will hear four or five people who’ve been caught for burglary talk about how and why they burglarize—from slipping past security systems to what kind of items they’ve stolen. This workshop is a condition of their punishment, said Sgt. Barker, but it’s also an eye-opening event for the community.

“It’s very interesting—some would even say disturbing,” she said.

The next Beat 1713 meeting is scheduled for Thursday, August 26 (7 p.m.), at North Park University, 5000 N. Spaulding.


0810 ? THEFT (over $300)
1320 ? CRIMINAL DAMAGE (to vehicle)
1811 ? NARCOTICS (possession: cannabis)
0460 ? BATTERY (simple)
0820 ? THEFT ($300 and under)
0486 ? BATTERY (domestic battery)
1310 ? CRIMINAL DAMAGE (to property)
0320 ? ROBBERY (strong-arm; no weapon)
0430 ? BATTERY (aggravated: other dangerous weapon)

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  • http://myspace.com/chicagothrash Dave Hoffa

    Here’s an idea: don’t flash your iPhone on the train.

    Also, gotta give a shout-out to Sgt. Glascott for using the acronym “SOL.” LOL!

  • Paul

    My suggestion is don’t flash your Iphone or Droid during non-rush hour train rides. Almost every person riding the train during rush hour has their phone or laptop out.

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