Southport Jewel-Osco Aims For Fall Opening – Updated

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, August 12, 2010

Southport Jewel-Osco. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

Construction at the Jewel-Osco site at 3630 N. Southport Ave. has been moving quickly, with Jewel officials planning for a fall 2010 opening date.

“The sidewalk is expected to be reopened by mid-September,” said Jewel-Osco spokesperson Karen May.

Jewel-Osco originally announced plans for a 52,000 square foot store to replace the old facility, but the floor space has been expanded to 62,000 with plans to obtain a LEED silver rating as a “green” building.

The new store’s layout will also be different and will include a full-service Osco pharmacy.

“Previous Jewel stores used a Premium Fresh and Healthy design [concept],” said May. The new store will incorporate a “Neighborhood Market” concept, as well as a custom decor including a Wrigley Field mock-up and photos of the neighborhood.

Update (8/16/10): A commenter asked what will happen to the old Osco across the street. Here’s what Jewel-Osco spokesperson Karen May had to say: “When SUPERVALU purchased Albertsons’ companies, including JEWEL-OSCO, all of the stand-alone OSCO stores went to CVS, which now operates the former Osco store.”

Rendering of the new Southport Avenue Jewel store. Courtesy of Camburas & Theodore Architects and Jewel-Osco.

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  • Anonymous

    Not sure how they can fit 62,000 feet into that small space. Is there a second level?

    • Anonymous

      Yes there is a second level over the middle of the store similar to other newer Jewels. I assume it will mostly be alcohol up there.

  • Kldietch

    Any info on the rumor that the Osco across the street may close and remodel as well once Jewel opens?

    • Anonymous

      We added an update to the story above. The Osco was sold to CVS.

      • kldietch

        Thanks for the update! Love the responsiveness. I happened to see the building permit in the CVS window yesterday. They are remodeling the interior. Obviously, not a lot of detail listed, but I believe renovation to display coolers, parts of floor plan and check out areas were mentioned.

  • SouthportGirl

    What is parking supposed to be like at this new store?

    • Southie

      There is underground parking. Not sure how many spots.

  • Bill

    Thanks for the “news”… Opening in “Fall 2010″ is something I could have read on the sign out front. Meanwhile, if you’ve watched it at all, construction is happening at such a snail’s pace, I’d be impressed to see the thing open in December.

    • Anonymous

      What do you expect from a neighborhood news journal? I think this is a nice bit of local information. Also, where outside of the store could you have found the info about the sidewalk opening in September? Give these guys a bit of a break.

      • sarah

        yeah they’ve been “aiming for a fall 2010 opening” since they started construction a year ago so “vague opening window unchanged” isn’t really news. While it’s nice that apparently someone from RVJ talked to a Jewel rep to get the sidewalk information, getting a more firm opening date for the store would have been appreciated.

        • Laura Pearson

          Just got off the phone with spokesperson Karen May, and she said that Jewel still hasn’t confirmed an opening date, but they’re aiming for sometime in October. Construction projects of this sort are often delayed, and while we wish we could provide readers with a specific date, we do not have one at this time. Stay tuned!

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_NJ274TPGG2V5VHXLKDL4RNZ76Q Mike

      Wow you’re a retard Bill. Go take a look and you’ll see they have already started stocking the shelves. Suck it

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5713419 Brianna Marshall

    Just found on the 44th Ward website that the Grand Opening will be October 21st!

  • Anonymous

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