Confessions Of A Garden-Variety Killer

By Patty Wetli | Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Keep your plants healthy and blooming all summer long with tips from the Peterson Garden Project. Photo by Patty Wetli

I have a confession to make: I’m a murderer. I killed a rhododendron.

It’s not like it was a pre-meditated act or anything. I just forgot to water the plant last summer. Actually, I didn’t forget. I thought about watering all the time, but it was so beastly hot outside, I couldn’t tear myself away from my air-conditioned condo long enough to take care of my flowers. I know, I suck.

This year, I vow to do better. My instinct now is to drown my plants, but it’s just as easy to kill with kindness as with neglect.

Fortunately, the Peterson Garden Project has links to all kinds of helpful gardening information. Even if you’re not participating in Peterson’s community garden, the project’s website and Facebook page still provide a host of resources for amateurs and reformed murderers alike.

A recent link to an article on watering offered just the advice I needed:

  • Morning is the best time to water, evening comes a close second and midday is worthless
  • Weekly soakings are better than daily sprinklings
  • Get water to the roots

I think I’m ready to choose my next victim, er, rhododendron.

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