Condo Refuse Rebate: Get It While You Can

By Patty Wetli | Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The condo refuse rebate is going, going, gone by 2016. Credit: Flickr/Dylan Passmore

As if garbage didn’t stink enough, the Condo Refuse Rebate is being phased out through 2016, when it will be eliminated altogether, part of the same 2012 budget that cut library funding. Be sure to get your rebate application to your alderman by Jan. 31, or you’ll lose out on what little future rebates remain. If you didn’t receive a rebate between 2009 and 2011 (eg, new construction and conversions), the good news is you needn’t bother to fill out the paperwork; the bad new is, that’s because you’re already ineligible.

Large management companies should have been alerted to these changes, but be sure to confirm with your representative. A summary of the new rules:

  • Rebates will be available only for owner-occupied units.
  • No additional units will be added to the condo refuse rebate program. Only owner-occupied units that received one or more condo refuse rebates between Jan. 1, 2009, and Nov. 9, 2011, will be eligible for a rebate going forward. If you did not receive a rebate during this period or do not successfully apply for a rebate by the January deadline, no future rebate for you.
  • Due to the late notice of these changes, aldermen can accept rebate applications through Jan. 31 this year only. In subsequent years, submit your applications at least two weeks prior to the date of the January City Council meeting.

The phase-out provides a rebate of $75 per eligible unit for 2011 refuse collection costs. That figure drops to $50 for 2012 and $25 for the years 2013-2015. Then zippo thereafter. Information about the application process, including the required forms, is available online.

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