Clark Streetscape Begins this Week, Lawrence Streetscape Still in the Works

By Hunter Clauss | Monday, April 26, 2010

An illustration of how the Clark streetscape near Sunnyside will look. Photo courtesy Ald. Eugene Schulter.

A $7.4 million facelift of Clark Street begins this week, as the Clark Street streetscaping project is expected to break ground on Tuesday, April 27.?The streetscape will take place between Montrose Avenue and Ainslie Street, and it includes various infrastructure and aesthetic upgrades, like street repaving, stamped crosswalks, bike racks, and new light poles and benches. The first phase of the project will affect the western side of Clark Street between Lawrence Avenue and Ainslie Street, and then construction moves south along the westside of Clark.

The streetscape is a collaboration between the Chicago Department of Transportation, Lincoln Square Ald. Eugene Schulter (47th), and Uptown Ald. Helen Shiller (46th).

Meanwhile, the Lawrence Avenue streetscape is still in the design phase, according to Chicago Department of Transportation spokesman Brian Steele. Steele said the streetscape will cover Lawrence from the Chicago River to Ravenswood Avenue, but he said no construction date has been set.

Schulter said the two streetscaping projects are part of a larger effort.

“The totality of the whole area is to make things more pedestrian oriented.” said Schulter. Schulter said he hopes the Lawrence streetscape will begin in 2011.

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  • Tony R

    This is truly amazing how this city would rather cut jobs and programs in the public schools, reduce service on the CTA and raise property and consumer taxes to remodel the streets. Someone, please explain because I’m not getting it.

  • Nat

    It’s because all the nice white people buying up overpriced condos don’t take the CTA, and will move to the suburbs before their offspring start school, but they like to have nice looking sidewalks when they drive past in their SUVs.


    Streetscapes help all communities. Bright streets that are pedestrian and bike friendly are good for communities. Not everything is a white vs. black issue people, get real. I love the city and want it to look good…. perhaps if a person is surrounded by flowers they are less likely to pull out a gun. Great job, we need more projects like this!

  • J

    Nat, you’r an immature idiot. Grow up.

  • Kevin Wright

    I’m a nice white person and I don’t own an SUV. I like to bike or walk to stores and restaurants, sometimes if they are kind of far away I take the bus. I don’t like to look at litter, or graffiti (no matter how artistic) and I like streets that are landscaped and clean. I’m much more likely to spend my “white person” dollars in places that are in neighborhoods that look like the people around there care. Right now, this section of Clark street is an eyesore, the stores are shabby, the street and sidewalks in poor shape, and I don’t go there, period. Tony or Nat, if you want your local businesses to do well, you need to have an environment that allows them to do well, just because you might not have an aesthetic eye doesn’t mean that others are the same. If you think spending $7+ million bucks on this is silly or stupid try telling that to the businesses on the street. They know it will bring far more money in when the project is completed and some of that money goes to pay for your schools and CTA. This is a VERY good investment for the area, it will pay off in the long run.

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  • Anonymous

    Nat says: We should all aspire to create communities that look like the corner of Wilson and Sheridan.

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