City Stats: Theft, Battery Most Prevalent Crimes In Northcenter, Ravenswood, Lincoln Square

By Sam Charles | Friday, November 2, 2012

The most common crimes in beats 1713, 1911, 1912, 2031 and 2032. Graphic by Sam Charles

The five police beats in Center Square Journal’s coverage area saw nearly 300 reported incidents from late September through late October.

According to stats supplied by the city, residents in beats 1713, 1911, 1912, 2031 and 2032 reported 299 total crimes to police between Sept. 25 and Oct. 25, up slightly from the 291 total incidents reported in the same areas between Aug. 25 and Sept. 24 this year.

The data showed that the most commonly reported incident was theft, with 89 reported during the period. There were also 46 reported batteries, 35 incidents of criminal damage, 31 burglaries, 22 motor vehicle thefts, 14 “other offenses,” 12 assaults, 10 robberies, 9 reports of deceptive practice, 9 reports of narcotics, and a variety of other crimes with fewer than 10 reported incidents each.

Beat 1713 covers Foster Avenue to the north, Wilson Avenue to the south, the River to the west and Kimball Avenue to the east. Beat 1911 covers Lawrence Avenue to the north, Irving Park Road to the south, Damen Avenue to the west east and the River to the east west. 1912 also covers Lawrence Avenue to Irving Park Road from north to south, Clark Street to the west east and Damen Avenue to the east west. Beat 2031 covers Foster Avenue to the north, Lawrence Avenue to the south, Leavitt Street to the west east and the River to the east west. Beat 2032 also covers Foster Avenue to Lawrence Avenue north to south, from Clark Street on the west east to Leavitt Street on the east west.

Theft was the most or second-most common crime reported in each of the five beats.

Beats 1911 and 1912 also cover portions of Northcenter, but primarily encompass Roscoe Village and West Lakeview. Those stats can be seen here. In those two beats, property crime is the most common.

Of the 299 reported incidents, 54 led to arrests, according to data from the city. Thirteen were in response to battery incidents and nine concerned narcotics charges.

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  • texty beast

    Please learn the difference between east and west. (e.g. there is no way Clark St. will ever be west of Leavitt or Damen. Nor is the River west of Kimball at Wilson or Foster. Etc.)

    • vouchey

      You’re right. Fixed. Not sure how that swap was made, or how we missed it on editing.

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