City Makes Up-To-Date Crime Data Available Online

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A slice of the map of crimes committed in the Center Square area.

Today the City of Chicago started making up-to-date crime statistics available online as part of a broader effort to move city data sets into easily accessible forms. Using the city’s web-based system, it is now possible to sort by type of crime, location and date, then download or map the data.

Chicago Data Officer, Brett Goldstein, trumpeted in a tweet this morning, “10 years of Chicago crime incident data, 4.6 million records, updated daily.”

Our own use of the system shows the most recently posted data is from September 6, one week ago. To get a sense of what the system can do, check out a map we created of all crimes reported in the Center Square area during September 2011.

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