CHA Releases Lathrop Homes Promo Video; Open House This Weekend

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A scene from the Chicago Housing Authority’s video promoting the Lathrop Homes redevelopment. Image from the video.

Continuing its drive to rebuild the Lathrop Homes public housing project on Diversey and Clybourn, the Chicago Housing Authority released a promotional video today. About seven minutes long, the video touts the efforts of Lathrop Community Partners, the project’s development group, to engage the existing project’s residents and surrounding community members as they design a new mixed-income development.

CHA and Lathrop Community Partnerswill host another open house from 3:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Thursday, Nov. 15 and from noon to 4 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 17 at New Life Community Church, 2958 N. Damen Ave. for community members to provide their ideas and feedback on three concepts for the future of Lathrop Homes.

According to a CHA press release, “Following the initial open house, CHA and LCP will use the community input to inform and refine a second generation of plans. These plans will then be presented at a second community meeting slated for early next year. Additional community meetings will take place in spring 2013 working toward a final master plan that will have been shaped by the community process.”

The initial plans released by CHA in September surprised many community members and observers because the proposal is considerably denser than the existing area, increasing traffic concerns. Preservationists have also argued that the proposed changes are too big and do not respect Lathrop Homes’ place on the National Register of Historic Places.

What do you think of the proposed plans? Do you plan to go to the open house? Tell us in the comments.

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  • Adam Herstein

    The Lathrop Homes would be an excellent place to film a horror movie. That area is especially creepy at night.

  • CQ

    Dense public housing sounds like Cabrini Green #2

  • phaedrus

    1,600 units is almost double the units that used to be there. The CHA has promised 400 units to public housing. Regardless of what you’ve heard, the remaining 1,200 units are slotted for rentals. Rentals that will be voucher capable and controlled market, in other words ‘public housing lite’.

    Is there in any neighbor in the area that has not noticed the improved quality of life in Hamlin Park over the past 10 years. An improvement that was only possible because of the minimizing of density, and with it crime, of Lathrop Homes.

    If the CHA were to compromise with the surrounding community, by giving back the 400 units to the Lathrop residents while canceling the 1,200 rental units, the strides that have been made over the past 10 years in Hamlin Park will not be undone.

    This compromise could be highlighted with more quality business and community space, while limiting morning traffic and minimizing a lower quality of life that comes with the more transient lifestyle of public rentals and reducing the need for unsightly housing towers.

    Hamlin Park/Roscoe Village neighbors must show in-force to these meetings. We must show that we will hold our elected advocates responsible.

    • Adam Herstein

      Wow, NIMBYism at it’s best. Maybe you’d be happier in the suburbs?

      • phaedrus

        Wow Mr. Herstein, are you unaware that your comments are also on record. One only has to take look at your profile to see your constant complaints about all things Chicago. Does that mean I should troll your comments and tell you to move every time you have a concern of what is happening around your home. Time to grow up Adie. Let’s try to start building and protecting, and find a role in your community that you can be proud of accomplishing, instead of striking out looking for attention. I wish you the best of luck and promise to look for you to provide any help I can.

        • Adam Herstein

          Are you sure that you’re not just against low-income minorities moving into your white neighborhood and are just using other excuses so you don’t come off as racist?

        • phaedrus

          Yes I’m sure Adam. Your assertion that our neighborhood is white is in itself a racist statement and reveals ‘the glasses’ that you perceive your world through. My neighbors and I would like to know why you think homeowners are only white? I’ve seen many of the comments in your profile are anti-suburbs. It seems to be a sore spot for you. Do mom and dad live in the suburbs? Is this what is driving your tantrums? What happened Adam that would cause you to strike out at people that offer you help?

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  • Elizabeth Milnarik

    Julia Lathrop Homes is a beautiful, well-designed community that has provided good affordable housing for 75 years. The fact that it’s surroundings have become more desirable recently should not necessitate its demolition. The CHA (and HUD) have transformed themselves into redevelopment agencies, and Lathrop’s redevelopment is a naked money grab. Stop selling away our public infrastructure. Save Lathrop as affordable housing!

  • Guest

    The only

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004174110093 Jose Arroyo

    As a native Chicagoan and lifelong area resident I agree with the comment below, just because the surrounding neighborhood has become gentrified is no justification for the destruction of Lathrop Homes. The majority of the area residents are not even native Chicagoans, mainly suburbanites and out of state transplants, especially from Michigan, who wanted to move to a “trendy” area in the “city”. These people could care less about investing in the welfare of the community, their biggest concerns are the stores, athletic clubs, bars and restaurants.

    And their biggest reason for wanting Lathrop Homes gone is their interest in the their own property values and their discomfort with sharing their neighborhood with brown and black people or even with working class whites. This is the epitome of racism and elitism, relegating non-white north side residents and less affluent whites to less desirable areas. As if we do not deserve the same view, public transit, lakefront access that they feel they are entitled to.

  • http://www.facebook.com/melissa.frazin Melissa Frazin

    There is SO little affordable housing on the North side ofChicago already!! Where should families
    who make inimum wage in Chicago live? It seems like everyone wants to drive them south and west (and out of Chicago).

    The beauty of Lathrop is that a) it is beautiful because there is so much green space and b) it is does NOT have the density of so many other failed public housing developments in Chicago. Of course if the CHAactually took care of Lathrop, it wouldn’t look like it is falling down around the residents, but that is another story.

    Now the CHA along with a slew of developers is trying to make a fast buck (a few billion) by kicking out public housing residents, making it a high density area and developing more market-rate condos. Anyone who has ever lived or does live in Roscoe Village, Hamlin Park, Lincoln Park or West Lakeview know that the real estate market has enough market-rate condos already.

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