Center Square Burglary Stats by District

By Laura Pearson | Monday, July 26, 2010

Center Square Journal obtained statistics from the Chicago Police Department showing the total number of cleared burglaries (forcible entry) in Districts 17, 19, and 20—the three districts in our coverage area.

The graph shows the number of burglary incidents for 2008, 2009, and through May of 2010 (representing the most recent statistics available for this year).

As is clearly shown, this type of crime is much more prevalent in Districts 17 and 19 than in 20. (If you’re not sure of your district, you can now access Chicago Police District maps in the lower left-hand corner of our home page).

However, District 17 saw 6.8 percent upswing in burglary incidents between 2008 and 2009, whereas District 19 experienced an 8.6 percent decrease between the same years.

The 2010 stats only include cleared incidents through the end of May, but if you pay attention to the news, attend CAPS meetings, or check the crime data on EveryBlock, you’ll know that summer, unfortunately, remains a hot time for breaking and entering.

Melissa Flynn, Executive Director of the Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce, said that in an effort to cut down on burglaries, the Chamber runs crime prevention seminars with local businesses.

“A lot of it is common sense information, but it bears reminding: how [business owners] can set up their store a little bit better to more easily monitor who comes in, how they can really work as neighbors to say, ‘Hey, there’s someone in my store that I don’t feel good about.’”

Flynn said that the Chamber of Commerce sends out an alert to businesses if anyone receives a counterfeit bill or if someone is hanging around who’s not doing what he/she should be doing. “We have the ability to make sure the neighborhood is aware of this, and then other businesses can be a little bit more on alert.”

As to what steps individuals can take to prevent burglary, as mentioned in a recent CAPS report there’s a “Keeping It Real” Burglary Workshop scheduled for local residents on Thurs., August 19, at the Community Room on 4650 N. Pulaski Road. At the workshop, people who?ve been caught for burglary will share how and why they’ve burglarized. The goal is to make citizens more aware of this type of crime and to encourage steps toward prevention.

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