Center Square Above Average When It Comes To Parking Tickets

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, December 6, 2011

This lucky car just off Western Ave. was getting its boot removed on Monday. Credit: Mike Fourcher

Cars in the 47th Ward received 74,160 parking tickets in 2010, about 8,000 over the city wide ward average. Cars in the 33rd Ward got 62,376 and cars in the 40th Ward got 54,915 tickets last year.

The numbers were released yesterday as part of a report the Chicago Inspector General released with answers from the Chicago City Comptroller to aldermen during the 2012 budget proceedings.

The honor for the highest amount of tickets went to the Loop’s 42nd Ward, with 300,347 and the lowest the the far southwest side 19th Ward with 18,112.

While below city averages, the number of boots set on cars in 2010 in the Center Square area was staggering too:

  • 1,151 for the 33rd Ward
  • 910 for the 40th Ward
  • 1,087 for the 47th Ward

The highest amount of boots went to the far northwest side 41st Ward, with 2,443 and the lowest the the far southwest side 19th Ward with 384. Perhaps coincidentally, a large number of Chicago police officers live in the 19th Ward.

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