Census Shows Roscoe View Population Is (Relatively) Stable

By Mike Fourcher | Monday, February 28, 2011

State and Madison Streets around 1920. Image from the Library of Congress.

You wouldn’t know it by walking around, but a Chicago Tribune analysis of 2010 Census data shows that the Roscoe View area has dropped by about 500 people since 2000. Northcenter lost a whopping 32 people while Lakeview as a whole (both East and West Lakeview) lost 474 people.

Compared to the rest of the city, that’s stable. As you may have heard, the City of Chicago lost about 200,000 people in the last ten years, a 7 percent drop that brings city population to a level not seen since 1920.

All of this has big implications for political boundary redistricting, especially ward maps, which the Chicago City Council is due to take up this spring and summer.

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