Car Accident on Lawrence Avenue

By Laura Pearson | Monday, July 26, 2010

Photo by Jack Lydon.

A CSJ reader, Jack Lydon, took this photo of a car accident that happened yesterday afternoon on the corner of Lawrence and N. Lincoln avenues. Lydon said he was driving west on Lawrence around 1 p.m. when he spotted this car impaled on the concrete barriers. We do not yet have information from the Chicago Police as to the cause of the crash. An employee at the corner Subway said she was aware that the accident occurred but declined to comment.

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  • Marcus Twain

    Bah, give him another drink!

    • jean

      young lady not obviously inenebriated. just crying. said she passed out.

  • http://www.joshuawentz.com Joshua Wentz

    Another view taken by a friend who was passing by at the same time:


  • http://laura-pearson.net/ Laura Pearson

    Wow. Didn’t realize a tree was involved.

    (Not to be insensitive, but I must admit that for a split second I thought Transformers had moved the filming north.)

  • Paul

    Weird. How did the car make the tree branch fall? You can tell the branch was way up high several feet.

    • Jack

      I think the branch fell because it was knocked down by the light pole that was also knocked down by the car. One can see the street light on the ground behind the car.

  • John O’Grady

    That may be NEAR Lincoln and Lawrence, but it is not AT. Is that Foremost Liquors in that photo? If so, then this accident is across from the bowling alley on Lincoln, just North of the McDonalds. Is this correct?

    • John O’Grady

      I am not referring to the photo with the Subway in the shot, I’m referring to the other photo. Sorry about that.

      • http://laura-pearson.net/ Laura Pearson

        Both photos are of the same accident (on Lawrence just east of N. Lincoln).

        • John O’Grady

          Yeah, now I can see it. The Payless ties it all together. I wish I’d have caught that sooner. Thank you for clarifying things. John.

    • Jack

      The accident occurred about 20 feet west of Lincoln Avenue where it intersects with Lawrence Ave. It was just across Lawrence Avenue from the Walgreens and the bike shop. The shop in the photo is a Subway.

    • jean

      at subway on lincoln and western. car was driving west (some how on going the wrong way toward western at lawrence and landed on the cement post with lincoln.

  • Chad

    I heard that the driver (female in her late 20s/early 30s) had fallen asleep and crossed over the center line nearly missing pedestrians. Hard to believe though considering it was around noon on a Sunday.

  • John O’Grady

    Hi Jack, Please forgive me if I’m being tiresome, but I have not lived in Chicago since 1995, and there’s been a lot of demolition/building since then, so I am disoriented by these photos. Back in the day, if I was on Lawrence and I walked out of Walgreens heading Westbound I would cross Western, the bank would have been on the Northwest corner, and at the end of the bank there would be an alley. If I looked across the street at that point, I’d see a Burger King. Is this where the accident happened? To be true, I could care less about the accident, I’m just trying to figure out what I am looking at…

    • Jack


      No problem. If you notice on the extreme right of the photo there is the eastern post of the large “Lincoln Square” sign that is over Lincoln Avenue where it intersects with Lawrence Avenue east of Western Avenue. The Subway in the photo is on the southeast corner of the intersection of Lincoln and Lawrence. The accident happened east of Western Avenue not west of Western by the Burger King.


  • John O’Grady

    Hi Jack, Now I understand. What I’m looking at in the photo is Lincoln Ave. between the Payless Shoes and the Subway and I am essentially looking South on Lincoln. Where the Subway is now is where the old Kresge’s Department Store (sp?) used to be and if you go South past the Payless you will get to Meyer’s Deli and the Davis Theater farther on down etc.. Aside from the original East/West confusion there’s something about the ‘depth of field’ in the photograph that makes Lincoln Ave. appear much narrower than in reality. Thank you. John.

  • jean

    i don’t quite get the “passing out/fell asleep” because that would cause relaxation of foot on gas pedal. to mow down 2.5 posts almost a foot in diameter there had to be some serious speed or the 1st would have stopped the car. pedal jammed?

  • jean

    sorry, forgot to mention that photo from this side dosen’t show the two flattened cement posts. shows only the third one that the car stopped on. any guesses on speed needed to do that?

    • Jack

      The two flattened contrete barrier posts were flattened after the car ran down a light pole. There must have been some considerable speed involved.

  • becky

    I was one of the pedestrians she almost hit. My fiance and I were about to walk into subway when I noticed a car racing toward us and screamed and tried to run out of the way as she ran over concrete posts, a lamppost, and a tree. Parts of her car were flying at both me and my fiance. Her car came to a stop + I had to lean against a car in front of trullo almost passing out b/c I was so shaken up. I watched someone get her out of the car + was completely shaken up. I’m not really sure why she crashed the car but she was speeding and I agree w/ the other person- if she had passed out she would have been more lax and not been speeding across traffic. Someone who is going THAT fast would not have knocked over the lightpost and 2.5 cement posts. I would really like to know her true reason for almost hitting us.

    • http://laura-pearson.net/ Laura Pearson

      Whoa! Glad no one was hurt. I’ve contacted the CPD about this accident multiple times and will post more details as soon as I get them.

      • http://laura-pearson.net/ Laura Pearson

        CPD says: “The traffic accident occurred on July 25, 2010, at 12:45 p.m. at 2459 West Lawrence. The driver told police she lost control of the Mercury Sable, and struck a light pole and concrete barriers at that location.”

  • Javier B

    This is really scary. Can’t believe it happened in the middle of the day on a weekend. It’s a miracle no one got hurt. I saw the aftermath during the week and assumed that it had been a drunk driver in the middle of the night. I really hope they get to the bottom of this and prosecute accordingly. Whoever was driving this car could have been responsible for killing someone.

  • JR

    How many bets that she was on a cellphone and/or texting when this happened??? It’s out of control. One morning, crossing Lawrence at Damen on the way to the El, I was nearly mowed down by a woman texting-while-driving. As she sped down Lawrence, she didn’t slow, let alone stop, for the red light because she was holding the phone right in front of her face while texting. She appeared to be a white-collar professional who’s eyes were fixed on that phone. I know because I was halfway across the street when she flew by my.

    • KK

      Stop trying to play detective with anecdotes. It’s just as plausible that your foot can lay into the pedal when passing out. A foot isn’t made of air. Let the police handle it.

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