Calling All Brides: TLC Is Casting for ‘Four Weddings’

By Patty Wetli | Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Instead of asking cousin Larry to videotape your wedding in exchange for pizza, why not leave the job to the professionals at TLC?

The cable channel is currently casting for upcoming episodes of “Four Weddings,” which features four couples—presumably none of them involving Hugh Grant—competing for an all-expenses-paid honeymoon. Whoever throws the best wedding wins.

If you’re getting married in Chicago anytime between now and November and want to share your special day with the entire world—or at least the people who have cable and watch TLC on Friday nights—contact the show’s producers ASAP. Be sure to include your name, wedding date, location, contact info and picture of you and your fiancee.

It’s safe to say that some sort of hook would be helpful. Planning a green wedding? Sewing your own gown? Asking the bridal party to dress like characters from “Lord of the Rings”? Winning!

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