Burglars teach residents how to keep their homes safe

By Samantha Abernethy | Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce invited former burglars to teach people how to keep their home safe. Area resident Mehran R. Sorouri shared with us what he learned. Sorouri is a chiropractic physician from Global Chiropractic and Rehab Center on Belmont at Damen. Here are some notes he took from the event as a business owner who runs his business from the ground level on the street:

  • Burglars may come in dressed as trades people (ComEd, AT&T, plumbers, carpenters etc.) and scope out your place. It is always important to keep an eye on them and always ask for their identification.
  • Know your neighbors. Burglars hate a busy neighborhood.
  • Don’t announce that you’ll be going on vacation, etc.
  • Look out for people leaving flyers, menus, etc. on your door. They may be returning to see if you’ve picked them up giving them an idea of your availability at your place.
  • Get an alarm or if you have one always use it!

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  • Anonymous

    After reading this article I sent an email to Alderman Scott Waguespack’s office concerning the bullet point on flyers. Here is the response:

    “There actually is an ordinance that these are illegal unless they have a permit number on them. Unfortunately, the only person who can ticket for them is the Ward Superintendent, and with managing the garbage pickup and street cleaning (on top of other things), it’s rare that he gets a chance to do this. If you’d like to bring the flyers in, I can write a letter to the companies for you. You can also post a no soliciting sign on your fence or door.”

    I’m all for local businesses doing some advertising, but littering the streets and sidewalks along with the increased risk of burglaries is a concern.

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