Burglaries On the Rise Near West Lincoln Square

By Hunter Clauss | Thursday, April 8, 2010

Photo by caribb.

The number of reported burglaries near the west side of Lincoln Square has increased compared to February and April of last year, according to?20th district police sergeant Jeff Sacks. During this week’s CAPS meeting for the 20th district’s 2011 beat, Sacks told residents that reports of burglaries have increased to 13 from 9 last year. The burglaries took place on the west side of California Avenue between Foster and Peterson avenues, said Sacks.

“There’s a lot less officers than there used to be,” said Sacks, who encouraged residents to pick up window locks that were handed out for free at the meeting. Sacks said two arrests were made, and the police department is working to make another arrest. “If we catch this guy, we will go with the highest offense.”

Sacks said the next CAPS meeting for beat 2011 on June 7 will include a “Keeping It Real” panel, which will include convicted burglars who will tell residents what they look for when deciding where to strike.

Sacks said reports of theft were down from 63 last year to 24 this year. While reports of criminal damage–like tagging–were down from 35 last year to 26 this year, Sacks said officers are searching for a serial tagger who’s known for his trademark seven design that is accompanied by two dots. Sacks said he’ll buy an officer a meal if he or she catches the tagger, who he believes is between the ages of 17 and 20.

Sacks also informed residents of the upcoming retirement of beat 2011 dayshift officer SunWing Leung, who will be replaced by officer Anthony Barsano.

“We’re losing a wealth of experience,” Sacks said.

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  • Tim

    Not really “Lincoln Square”……That area is certainly suspect lately-

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