Blackhawks Revelry Stays Relatively Peaceful

By Laura Pearson | Thursday, June 10, 2010

The United Center during the NHL Conference Finals. Photo by Flickr user francesco.chillari. Licensed under Creative Commons.

Last night, celebrations following the Blackhawks’ Game 6 Stanley Cup win were enthusiastic but more or less tame. Much of the hoopla was concentrated in Wrigleyville, at the intersection of Clark and Addison streets, where revelers danced, cheered, crowd-surfed, and partied into the wee hours.

Police from the Belmont (19th) and Town Hall (23rd) Districts reported fewer than 20 misdemeanor arrests, mostly for drunk and disorderly conduct. Some fans fell down due to intoxication, but no one was seriously injured. Further west in Albany Park, Sgt. Kristin Barker reported that District 17 saw only a few arrests last night?two for obstruction of traffic. “Just some people whooping it up in the street,” Barker said.

The Hawks celebration continues tomorrow when the ticker-tape parade (paid for by as-of-yet-unnamed corporate sponsors) makes its way through downtown at 10:30 a.m. The parade starts at Washington Avenue and Wacker Drive, travels to Michigan Avenue, and then concludes in a massive rally at Michigan and East Wacker Drive. The rally is expected to take place around 11:30 a.m. Beginning around 7 a.m., the CTA plans to reroute 32 buses until approximately 1 p.m., when the victory parade is expected to conclude.

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