Rib Eating Contest A Lot To Chew On

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, June 11, 2010

Ribmania contestants cram down their food. Photo: Mike Fourcher.

Ribfest Chicago kicked off its first rib eating contest, Ribmania, with a herd of 10 rib eaters?four of whom were professional eaters from the International Federation of Competitive Eating. After eight minutes of gorging,?Pat Bertoletti, a Chicago native, won the competition by eating a total of 10 pounds of ribs, defeating the second place finisher, Ben Taylor,?by more than 1.5 pounds.

Third place eater, Eric “The Red” Denmark, flew in from Seattle for today’s competition, while the second place finisher, Ben Taylor, is from Chicago. “I’m ranked #26 in the world, so to be able to just place and beat some of these guys is a big deal for me,” said Taylor. He was referring to the fact that Bertoletti is ranked #4 in the world for his eating prowess, while Denmark is ranked #8.

Bertoletti takes home a cash prize of $1,200 for his macular efforts, while Taylor got?$600 and Denmark takes home?$300?maybe just enough to cover his plane ticket.

Click on the photos below for a slide show of the eating.


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