Our Third And Final Ribfest Winner!

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, June 10, 2011

Lacey in her "happy place", the Redwood Forest. Photo provided by the big winner.

Welcome to the neighborhood Lacey Schnell!

This new Northcenter neighbor and her husband are our third and final winners of our big Ribfest Ticket Giveaway and gets $30 of Ribfest tickets they can get some meat gorging done right.

“I’m originally a midwestern gal, but just returned to the area after 10 years in San Francisco,” says Lacey. “Thank goodness I came to my senses and moved back because Californians just don’t know how to do ribs!”

“I might miss those beautiful redwood trees that you see in this picture, but bring on the delicious ribs and midwestern hospitality!”

Well, shucky darn, Lacey. We’re right proud to have you here in the neighborhood. Enjoy the fest!

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