Lycee Français Coming To Old Ravenswood Hospital Site?

By Mike Fourcher and Erin Nekervis | Monday, May 23, 2011

Lycee Français' proposed zoning change notice at Old Ravenswood Hospital site. Credit: Erin Nekervis.

Alert CSJ reader Erin Nekervis (aka Thee Erin) caught this notice for a proposed new Lycee Français school building this morning. When contacted by Center Square Journal, Ald. Ameya Pawar confirmed that he’s met with the group and they still have to clear the ward’s new, “zoning process.”

In a broader discussion last week about zoning matters, Ald. Pawar told CSJ that he is currently defining a new zoning and licensing proposal process that will include members of his newly created “Ward Committee” which he expects to have fully operational sometime next week.

Pawar has also promised to provide complete details on all pending zoning and license requests to CSJ as soon as the Ward Committee is operational.

Pawar’s new zoning and license request process provides for all requests to first go to the Ward Committee for review and recommendation before he reviews the proposal and announces his preference to the full City Council, where all license and zoning requests are approved as city ordinances.

Chicago tradition holds that the City Council does not approve any zoning or license requests without the personal approval of the ward’s alderman. It’s one of the last true aldermanic powers and the council guards it assiduously.

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