Last Night’s Storm: A Lot of Bark, Any Bite?

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, July 1, 2011

Lightning in last night's storm. Credit: Flickr/Pantagrapher.

Last night’s storm was a doozy. We saw large hail, but nothing like the golf balls that dropped on Little Village. From a quick drive around the area this morning we noticed a lot of leaves on the ground, but no downed trees, power outages or serious hail damage. How did you fare in the storm? Got any pictures? Share them on our Flickr pool and we’ll post them later today.

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  • Anonymous

    How badly are the cars damaged?  I am out of town and trying to find out how bad it was–I’m concerned about my car near Coonley School… any information out there?  Thank you so much!

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t notice any serious dents in my car, which was sitting in the open. I’ll check for nicks after I get it washed.

  • http://twitter.com/kat0605 kat0605

     MY RCN cable is still out. Anyone elses?

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