47th Ward Forum Tonight

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Three of the four candidates for the 47th Ward’s open aldermanic seat will attend this evening’s forum at 7 p.m. at the DANK Haus, 4740 N. Western Ave. The attending candidates are Tom Jacks, Ameya Pawar and Matt Reichel. The fourth candidate, Tom O’Donnell, will not be attending.

The forum, which will be limited to 90 minutes, will be moderated by Mick Dumke of the Chicago News Cooperative.

All four candidates have also completed questionnaires for the Center Square Journal.

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  • Anonymous

    Where were you Tom? We missed you! Working on your campaign platform now that it’s actually a race? Did you ever have any real ideas in the first place? Guess you spoke your mind at tonight’s forum – as usual YOU HAD NOTHING TO SAY!

    • Anonymous

      Tom was busy chairing the Ravenswood Community Council (RCC) meeting tonight. This is the same organization that takes in hundreds of thousands in CITY dollars (TAXPAYER) and spends nearly all of it on administration costs!!! What kind of social service organization spends all its money on overhead. Oh and this is the first meeting this guy chaired with the RCC in over two years!!
      – Comment Removed –
      HEY TOM – Why are you hiding behind Rahm and your mailers? Don’t you have anything to say?

      • Anonymous

        What? You expect him to have something to say when *you* ask, when he clearly has nothing to say any other time?

        I wonder if Rahm is keeping his distance now because polling is showing that TO might not win. Hmm.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_LBEFYYCI6GQKES324TP3FGVVHA RyanC

    That was a good debate. I’d guess about 150 people there. Not counting an entire Northwestern dorm’s worth of journalism students and their Tri-i-pods, or whatever those things are. Thanks for pulling it together.

    • Anonymous

      By our count, we had close to 300 people in there in total. About 20 of those were Northwestern Medill journalism students from a class based in Ravenswood called “Reporting on Neighborhoods.”

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=2251285 Katy Wortman

    Great forum last night! I was heartened and impressed to see the high turn-out.

    Not sure if the timing was a coincidence, but I got a call from O’Donnell’s campaign this morning asking if knowing that he is a long-time homeowner who sent his kids to CPS changes my mind about O’Donnell. I told the caller it did not. While maybe not through homeownership, I am invested in the neighborhood, and it is clear to me that homeownership should not a barometer of one’s dedication to their community.

    • Anonymous

      No it’s not a coincidence. They had their spies there last night and they’re looking for anything to give ODonnell traction. But since we’ve been getting ripped-off by a home-owning alderman for years, you’d think the homeowner angle might backfire on them.

      • Anonymous

        Well – this homeowner thinks the the gentlemen who did show up did a great job.

        I hope we get a runoff.

        I still want to hear more ideas about how we can improve Lawrence between Western and the River !

        I wasn’t quite happy with the lack of vision regarding this issue – still waiting to hear a clearer vision regarding the matter.

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