Beautification Begins on Irving Park, Clark Streetscaping Moves Forward

By Laura Pearson | Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The plan for the Irving Park streetscape (shown) includes features such as decorative lighting and planters. Photo by Laura Pearson.

Yesterday Ald. Eugene Schulter (47th), Chicago Department of Transportation representatives, and Northcenter business leaders gathered at the intersection of Lincoln, Damen, and Irving Park to break ground on the new Irving Park streetscape.

Expected to take 180 days, the $6 million beautification effort along Irving Park between Western and Damen includes aesthetic upgrades and design elements such as decorative lighting, planters, and community identifiers.

Meanwhile, the Clark Street streetscaping is moving along. Schulter’s office reports that parking is now available on the west side of Clark, from Leland going north, with some parking restrictions on the west side of the street, from Leland going south. Parking is available after 3:30 p.m. and on weekends, however. An update for businesses and residents is scheduled for Thursday, July 8, at 9 a.m. at Chase Park (4701 N. Ashland Ave.)

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  • nell

    Why is the city spending money on planter boxes and fancy lighting while at the same time they are laying off teachers because of a budget crisis? Schulter should be ashamed of himself for promoting such a wastful use of $$$.

  • New Leadership

    Hi Nell-
    It’s time we elect new leaders to the City Council. We need leaders that are going to tackle the budget crisis, education and other structural problems. Check out http://www.renewchicago.com and participate in the Renew Chicago movement.

  • Mike

    Nell, what do you expect Ald. Schulter to do? Donate the $6M to CPS? CPS is Ron Huberman’s responsibility. The 47th Ward is Schulter’s responsibility. Both must operate within a budget.

    • Casual Observer

      You’re right Mike. But here is what I want to know:

      1. Why hasn’t Alderman Schulter been more outspoken about the budget crisis and presented his solutions?

      2. Where is Alderman Schulter on TIF reform? Where does he stand on TIF money when we are talking about almost 40 kids to a class? Development or schools…where do you stand Alderman?

      3. Why did he vote yes on the parking meter deal when he knew the money was going to be used to plug operational deficits?

      Many predict that there will be over 50% turnover in the 2011 elections. I hope it happens here in the 47th Ward.

      • Chris

        But who’s running? And who’s providing the financial backing?

  • Chris

    Another question:

    Why are *none* of the renderings for any of these projects online somewhere? That’s only a partly rhetorical question.

  • http://laura-pearson.net/ Laura Pearson

    Chris, renderings are located here: http://www.ward47.com/site/epage/103198_160.htm

    • Chris

      Thanks! FYI, the Clark presentation appears to be corrupted or mis-linked.

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