Beat 2032 CAPS Meeting: Trash Talk

By Cody Prentiss | Monday, August 2, 2010

Chicago Police car in the neighborhood. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

Beat 2032‘s monthly CAPS meeting, held last Thursday, July 29, at Ravenswood Evangelical Church (4900 N. Damen), covered neighborhood issues both new and old.

Sgt. Jeffrey Sacks said burglaries saw a sharp increase from the previous month with 13 incidents, in addition to 33 reported incidents of theft. A few arrests have been made, including a woman who was caught in a local business after hours shopping for stolen goods. However, Sgt. Sacks said she is not responsible for the increase in theft-related crimes.

“I would tell you that probably a few people are responsible for multiple burglaries,” Sgt. Sacks said. “We actually caught one, but I don?t think she?s going to be responsible for a lot.”

An unresolved issue from the last CAPS meeting is the dumping of waste at 1516 W. Carmen Ave. Several people who live nearby said the dumping has gotten worse. A woman in attendance said she works as a janitor for Winona Cleaners and has seen employees throw their trash into the alley next to the AT&T store during their breaks. Robert Berndt, the District’s Business Liaison Officer, said he would bring the issue to the attention of both AT&T and the local ward office.

Sgt. Sacks said they will also ticket the cleaners if he sees an excess of garbage around the property.

Statistics from Beat 2032

Between May 26 and July 28, there were:

33 reported incidents of theft.

19 reported incidents of criminal damage.

13 reported incidents of burglary.

10 reported incidents of narcotics possession.

10 reported incidents of battery.

Six reported incidents of assault.

Four reported incidents of motor vehicle theft.

Four reported incidents of criminal trespass.

Two reported incidents of robbery.

Two reported incidents of deceptive practice.

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