Tagging And Property Theft Top Concerns at Beat 1911 CAPS Meeting

By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, May 26, 2010

(l to r) Sgt. Clark, Ofc. Kellee Simy, and Ofc. Monique Giannoni listen to 19th District Cmdr. John Kenny, speaking from the audience at left. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

Beat 1911 is “one of our most successful beats,” according to Chicago Police Sgt. Clark, as total crime in the beat is down 15 percent over last year.

Twenty neighbors attended the beat’s monthly CAPS meeting on the top floor of Kindred Hospital, 2544 W. Montrose Ave. The brisk meeting lasted a little more than 30 minutes, but drew the attendance of six officers, including two officers from the beat and?19th District Commander John Kenny.

Neighbors’ chief concerns centered on gang tagging of buildings on the 47oo Maplewood block and a group of teens who have been hanging around the Sunken Gardens Park late at night and allegedly doing drugs on weekends.

Officers Kellee Simy and Monique Giannoni cautioned residents to be aware of increased property theft as the weather warms and people forget to lock their doors and windows.

The next Beat 1911 CAPS meeting is scheduled for July 27.

Statistics from Beat 1911

Between April 23 and May 24, there were:

1 reported case of?Aggravated?DUI/No Valid Drivers License.

1 reported case of Simple Assault.

2 reported cases of Battery that Caused Bodily Harm.

2 reported cases of possession of 2.5-10 grams of Cannabis.

3 reported cases of possession of less than 2.5 grams of Cannabis.

2 reported cases of Criminal Damage of Property less than $300.

1 reported case of Criminal Damage to Government Property.

2 reported cases of Domestic Battery causing Bodily Harm.

5 reported cases of Drinking Alcohol on the Public Way.

1 Issuance of a Warrant.

2 reported cases of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol.

1 reported case of Carrying Alcoholic Liquor while driving.

3 reported cases of Lack of Possession or Registration on Authorized on a vehicle.

1 reported case of Reckless conduct.

2 reported cases of Possession or theft of stolen property with a value less than $300.

2 reported cases of Possession, theft or exertion of control over property with a value less than $300.

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