Beat 1724 CAPS Meeting Addresses Theft, Graffiti

By Laura Pearson | Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sgt. Kristin Barker speaks with residents at the Beat 1724 CAPS meeting. Photo by Laura Pearson.

Beat 1724 has been relatively quiet in comparison to other beats, said Chicago Police Sgt. Kristin Barker in a monthly CAPS meeting last night at Horner Park Field House. Barker told those present?six residents and one other officer?that the city average is 100?125 incidents per beat per month, but last month Beat 1724 (covering Ravenswood Manor south of Wilson) reported 88 incidents. This month, it was down to 78. “Every so often there’s an anomaly [in 1724], and that number will go up,” Barker told me. “But citizens are very active on this beat.”

She readdressed concerns from last month’s meeting, including motorists blowing through stop signs (particularly at Sacramento and Berteau) and ongoing disturbances and “quality of life” issues at Irving Park and Kimball. One resident reported that this activity around this intersection seemed to have improved since last summer, but there are still problems?including public consumption of alcohol. Speaking of alcohol, Barker said that a recent incident involved an inebriated man entering a neighborhood liquor store and demanding to use the restroom. When an employee told him there was no public restroom, the man relieved himself in the candy aisle.

In an effort to crack down on tagging and graffiti, District 17 is developing a Graffiti Database. Residents are encouraged to take photos of graffiti in the area (camera phone pictures will do); make note of the address, date, and time; and email the photos to CAPS.017district@chicagopolice.org.

Criminal damage to vehicles and theft were other concerns raised at the meeting. Barker reminded residents to look out for crimes of opportunity, where thieves break the windows of vehicles to get at items like GPS devices, laptops, cameras, cell phones, and purses. She suggested some preventative measures, such as taking purses, laptop bags, and valuables out of the vehicle or putting items in the trunk (providing you do so before arriving at your destination).

The next Beat 1724 meeting is July 20, 2010, at 7 p.m.

0810 ? THEFT? (over $300)
1320 ? CRIMINAL DAMAGE? (to vehicle)
0910 ? MOTOR VEHICLE THEFT? (automobile)
2820 ? OTHER OFFENSE? (telephone threat)
0460 ? BATTERY? (simple)
0610 ? BURGLARY? (forcible entry)
0820 ? THEFT? ($300 and under)
0620 ? BURGLARY? (unlawful entry)
0560 ? ASSAULT? (simple)
0880 ? THEFT? (purse-snatching)

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  • Hunter

    “When an employee told him there was no public restroom, the man relieved himself in the candy aisle.”

    I knew those lemon drops tasted a little funky.

  • http://laura-pearson.net/ Laura Pearson

    And customers who bought Skittles likely tasted more than the rainbow!

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