Beat 1724 CAPS Meeting Addresses Car Break-ins

By Cody Prentiss | Friday, July 23, 2010

Chicago Police Car. Photo by Mike Fourcher.

This past Tuesday residents gathered in the hot second floor meeting room of the Horner Park Field House for Beat 1724′s monthly CAPS meeting. Officers reviewed incidents in the area (the beat covers Ravenswood Manor south of Wilson) between June 15 and July 20, and 15 people were in attendance.

Topics of discussion included waste dumping, updates of previous shootings involving gang members, and arrests pertaining to several car break-ins and thefts in the area.

Police Sgt. Kristin Barker said three males were recently arrested with a plethora of stolen goods in the back of their car. One of the men had joined the other two so he could get a city vehicle sticker to make his car legal. Officers hope the arrest will lead to a decrease in car break-ins but said residents should take their valuables with them when they leave their vehicles to avoid being targeted.

“Those guys were responsible for a lot of different [break-ins], so we’re hoping to clear up a lot of the outstanding cases that we have with that arrest,” Sgt. Barker said.

According to the citizen report released by the Chicago Police Department, there was an increase in reported incidents between June 15 and July 20 in Beat 1724: 124 incidents as compared to the 78 that occurred in the previous month. Sgt. Barker said numbers are down from the same time last year, however, and attributed the decrease partly to the anti-gang push in the area and the arrest of several prominent gang members.

“We’re doing a lot more outreach,” Sgt. Baker said. “The community is getting really involved—passing out whistles and stuff like that, people watching at the train stops to make sure people get home safely. All those things come together.”

Statistics from Beat 1724

Beat 1724 Between June 15 and July 20, there were:

12 reported incidents of domestic battery.

11 reported incidents of criminal damage to vehicles.

10 reported incidents of battery.

10 reported incidents of theft ($300 and under).

Nine reported incidents of theft (over $300).

Five reported incidents of burglary (unlawful entry).

Five reported incidents of motor vehicle theft.

Four reported incidents of burglary (forcible entry).

Three reported incidents of assault.

Three reported incidents of retail theft.

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