Ask CSJ: Report of A Home Invasion

By Mike Fourcher | Friday, May 20, 2011

Chicago Police Car in Center Square. Credit: Mike Fourcher

From time to time we get questions from readers about happenings in the neighborhood. Yesterday we got a question from Chad Allen, who writes:

“There have been an increase of break-ins around our little area. A friend of ours had her condo busted into near the corner of Damen and Addison. The CPD told her that there has been an increase in home invasions and too keep an eye out for a red SUV. Could you look into this?”

We checked in with the Chicago Police’s 19th District Community Affairs, and they told us that while there was one recent crime classified as a home invasion, “It was more of scam. It was a trick to get into someone’s house,” said Ofc. Laurie Muszynsky.

Once the intruder broke in, they rifled through the homeowner’s property and took valuables, but there was no bodily harm done.

Ofc. Muszynsky could not find any recent report of a red SUV in the area – but she said, that doesn’t mean that the beat cops aren’t looking for one.

Ofc. Muszynsky cautions that there are regular scams where people trick elderly into letting them into their homes so they can burglarize the house.

“A lot of these crimes are underreported. Because the elderly are afraid, when they live alone, [they think] that if I say this happened, are my children going to think I can’t live alone any more?” says Ofc. Muszynsky.

“A lot of times it isn’t reported, because there’s that stigma of, what’s my family going to think about this?”

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  • Anonymous

    There was a report of an attempted break-in on Wednesday morning near Grace and Oakley, circulated by the North Center Neighborhood Association.  The report referred to a brown van, and a conversation with an area resident detective regarding some “robberies” in the neighborhood.  I used quotes as, per the CPD crime map, there have been a number of reported larcenies and a few burglaries, but only one robbery, so the precise term may have been mistranslated.

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