Art Sale Fostering Creativity, Community

By Sam Charles | Monday, November 19, 2012

Courtesy Saskia Hofman

Hoping to provide a chance for residents to shop locally for the holidays, the fourth annual Waters School Holiday Art Sale is slated to be held on Dec. 1.

Featuring the work of artists across the city, the art sale will showcase different mediums of creative expression available for purchase at reasonable prices, said organizer Saskia Hofman.

“All the artists are selling their own work, it’s all made by the actual person and they’re present,” Hofman said. “I think of it as a mini renegade art sale. It’s really a lot of DIY, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted artwork; Print work, jewelry, ceramics, paintings, textiles, a huge range.”

Due to space constraints, only about half of the artists who applied, 43, will be featured at the sale, Hofman said. Calls for artists were posted outside of Waters, on Facebook, with the Chicago Artists Coalition, The School of the Art Institute and Columbia College Chicago. She believes that selectivity and variety of artists only enhances the quality of the work for sale.

“Most of the artists are pretty local, literally from the Ravenswood area, which is really nice to see,” she said.

This is Hofman’s first year organizing the sale, but past years as many as 300 people attended. She’s hoping to see that kind of success repeated in her first attempt, and their pricing strategy could help her accomplish that.

“We have items that will be anywhere from $1 up to, probably the most, $50,” she said. “The main motivation was to have really affordable and really unique artwork that someone could buy that’s a one-of-a-kind type of piece for themselves or someone for the holidays that really is special.”

Hofman added that she hopes the art sale is included with the Lincoln Square Chamber of Commerce’s Buy Local campaign and that Melissa Flynn, the departing executive director, expressed interest in the idea.

The sale will also feature some family-friendly attractions, Hofman said.

“We’re hoping people come to build community, too. To see their neighbors and see their friends,” she said. “We hope folks will put us on their shopping local agenda and keep in mind that it’s a community event.”

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