You Like Us! You Really Do!

By Mike Fourcher | Monday, August 23, 2010

Yow. What a kick-off week! About 2,000 people visited RoscoeViewJournal.com in our first week. Thank you so much for reading us!

Since you’re looking at this site, you know by now that this is a homegrown, local effort—no giant marketing budgets for us. That means we depend on you to spread the word and give us news tips.

So, please tell your neighbors about RoscoeViewJournal.com, but also please join one of our varied social networking groups—Facebook, Twitter or Flickr.

Thank you again for reading us!

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  • timfry

    Any chance that you could change the RSS Feed settings to get the whole article on a feed reader? Many other new sites do this and embed ads in the RSS feed so that they do not lose revenue. I subscribe to over a 100 feeds and I pretty much kill any feed that truncates their articles in monthly purges. Want to stay subscribed to RV Journal and glad that you guys are doing this work. But hard to change my work flow for a single site.

    • Anonymous

      Sorry, you’re going to have to live with the short article for now. We don’t have the traffic to sell RSS feed ads and get a good return – and our existing advertisers depend on you seeing their ads.

      While I know RSS feeds are convenient – I use the occasionally myself – we need to ensure our local advertisers have a chance to connect with you.

      Thanks for the support and for reading us!

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