When Are The Winnemac Park Fireworks?

By Mike Fourcher | Monday, June 27, 2011

Winnemac Fireworks from 2009. Credit: Flickr/pantagrapher.

More than a couple of people have contacted CSJ about the annual Independence Day fireworks display in Winnemac Park.

“Are the questionably legal July 4th Winnemac Park fireworks going to be on Sunday or Monday this year? Readers want to know!” said reader Ryan Blitstein.

For those not in the know, every year someone – we don’t know who – manages to put together a pretty cool fireworks display in Winnemac Park for the 4th. For years neighbors have lined up along the edge of the park to watch and for years Chicago’s finest have managed to take care of business somewhere else so good citizens can watch the pretty, flashing lights in the sky.

We’d love to tell Ryan, and everyone else, except we don’t know who to turn to. So, if you’re one of the Winnemac Fireworks people (and you can prove it), drop us a line. We’ll keep your identity secret, and we’d like to work out a way to let folks know what day your handiwork will be displayed to the adoring public.

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