What You’re Missing: Our Tweets, Our Facebooking, Our Flickr

By Mike Fourcher | Sunday, May 2, 2010

Just the fact that you’re reading this hyperlocal news site makes you pretty cutting edge – we appreciate that. But are you keeping up with the Joneses and following us on Twitter and Facebook too? Why not?

If you aren’t, over 150 people this week learned about their chance to be on the Food Network when Cafe Lutz was taped for the new show, “Kid In A Candy Store” before you did. And then on Friday those same people heard about the big community vote on the Ravenswood and Lawrence development planned for Monday night.

As an added bonus, if you follow us on Twitter, Flickr or “Like” us on Facebook, you will be entered into a random drawing for Hunter Clauss to personally visit? your house and hand wash all your dirty dishes. Not really. We’re saving that one for our One Year Anniversary Celebration.

Come on. Join us. It’s fun. It’s free!

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