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By Mike Fourcher | Monday, August 16, 2010

Welcome to your new neighborhood news site, Roscoe View Journal! Here you’ll find daily coverage of local events, businesses, opinion, and personalities around your neighborhood. Our mission is to cover all the neighborhood things important to you but not splashy enough to get into a daily newspaper.

Looking for an update on the Jewel construction? Or an opinion on the merits of the proposed new Metra bridge plans? Schools? Street sweeping? New restaurants? That’s what we’re about.

The Roscoe View Journal coverage area.

We’re published and written by people from and in your neighborhood, and while we do have advertising, most of our work is a volunteer effort. But that doesn’t mean our standards aren’t high: Everything is edited and monitored by a professional editor with real journalist chops.

Roscoe View Journal is a sister publication to the Center Square Journal, which covers Lincoln Square and Northcenter. CSJ has been publishing since last January with the same mission—to cover all the little things that make a neighborhood go.

Besides the website, please follow RVJ on Twitter and Facebook. We’ve got a Flickr group with great(!) neighborhood pictures taken by locals.

You might also notice that at the bottom of every RVJ web page we have a news feed from CSJ. We think there’s an overlap of interest between the two neighborhoods, so we invite you to jump back and forth between the two sites. But we’re still going to keep strict geographic boundaries between the two sites. If it happens in Center Square but not Roscoe View, don’t expect to see it here in the Roscoe View Journal.

While it’s right next door, Roscoe View is a different place with a different flavor. So over time expect Roscoe View to gain a voice of its own. And oh yeah—if you live here, we’d love it if you could write for us!

Thanks for reading, and please let us know what we could be doing to improve things.

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