Welcome To The Edgeville Buzz!

By Mike Fourcher | Saturday, July 9, 2011

The new Edgeville Buzz logo. Look familiar?

Today, we’re excited to welcome The Edgeville Buzz to the Journal family! Run by Jeremy Bressman and Lyle Bright for a bit over three years now, EVB (that’s our new shorthand for them) has been steadily keeping Andersonville and Edgewater residents abreast of all the big and not-so-big happenings in their community. An average 27,000 people read their site every month, about the same as CSJ and RVJ, so they’re no slouches.

We’ve long been admirers of the Buzz-style and how they manage to get people talking without taking sides. It’s a perfect fit, from our perspective, and we’re just pleased as punch to be associated with them.

Jeremy and Lyle are also working to expand their stable of writers, so if you live in the area and you’re interested in contributing, please let them know!

In the coming weeks, expect to see more cross-linking between the sites. We’ll also share writers from time to time as well as offer advertising specials to folks who’d like to reach multiple neighborhoods.

So please cruise on over to EVB and check them out!

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