Say Hello to Roscoe View Journal!

By Mike Fourcher | Monday, August 16, 2010

This week the Journals are a proud, proud family. That’s because today our family is growing to include the Roscoe View Journal, Your Definitive Guide to Roscoe Village and West Lakeview.

Yep, that’s right. New neighborhoods and new places to cover. If you take a look at our new site, you’ll notice the same frothy mix of local news, opinion, events, and personalities you’ve come to expect here at Center Square—just in a different place.

Besides the website, you can follow RVJ on Twitter and Facebook. It’s even got its own Flickr group with great(!) neighborhood pictures.

The Roscoe View Journal coverage area.

You might also notice that at the bottom of every CSJ web page we now have a news feed from RVJ. We think there’s an overlap of interest between the two neighborhoods, so we invite you to jump back and forth between the two sites. But we’re still going to keep strict geographic boundaries between the two sites.

If it happens in Roscoe View but not Center Square, don’t expect to see it here in the Center Square Journal.

While it’s right next door, Roscoe View is a different place with a different flavor. So over time expect Roscoe View to gain a voice of its own. And oh yeah—if you live there, we’d love to get your contributions!

Thanks for reading, and please let us know what we could be doing to improve things.

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  • sarah

    i’ve been following CSJ even though i live in west lakeview, so this is great news

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