Our Fancy New Design

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Our new look. Sexy?

Today we’re excited to launch our second redesign of Center Square Journal. The new design is intended to make it easier to get a quick read on what’s happening in the neighborhood and adds a new feature, “The Leads”, that we’re pretty excited about.

The Leads is meant to encapsulate all those short items we keep hearing about that are important tidbits about the neighborhood, but aren’t really long enough to warrant a full story. Many times we hear short bits of information that we want to tell you right away. Until now that went as a Facebook post, Tweet or went on the scrap heap. You should expect The Leads to be updated multiple times a day, so check back often to catch new stuff.

Also, from looking at our readership data and from reader feedback, we found that most of you use CSJ to do a quick scan of the new and then move on. Now and then you’ll read a full story. So, we’ve shrunk the space that each story takes, and made the feeds for our other sites more prominent.

If you like to see a longer list of recent headlines, we’ve moved them to Headlines.

While our calendar is still the same, we decided to get rid of “Recommended Events”, since we didn’t think people were really using them. We are also dropping the “1,000 Words” photographs since those seemed more and more like filler than useful content, the more we thought about it.

and you’ve probably noticed that we changed our font choices. We wanted to choose some typefaces that helped us stand out a bit more from the crowd. Adios Times New Roman!

We’ll still be stamping out bugs for the next couple of days but once we get that done, we’ll move the design to our two other sites, Roscoe View Journal and Edgeville Buzz.

As always, thanks for reading. Please let us know what you think of the changes in the comments!


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  • Joe Zekas

    Congrats on your makeover – looks great!

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