On The Plus Side

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This week you may have noticed a new grey box with “+1″ under each article headline. That’s for Google+, the social media engine created by our search engine overlords to compete with Facebook. Center Square Journal and Roscoe View Journal added Google+ functionality this weekend so you can tell even more friends and associates how much you like our stories and so you can share, share, share.

We’re not against sharing or social media, mind you. In fact, a large chunk of you readers find your way to us through our Twitter feed, Facebook page and by reading Everyblock. Our Facebook pages are pretty darn active and we love your comments there.

It’s just that…Google+…meh. Right?

But then this past week they rolled out the big guns: Google search is now influenced by how often you and your friends “plus things”. So that means if you click the little +1 at the top of this article, your friends are that much more likely to see it at the top of their search results. Crafty, right?

It also means that all kinds of irrelevant junk is likely to pop up at the top of your search results, but hey, Google is our Search Overlord and as a online news publication, we live and die by Google’s whims. And that’s a fact.

So, please: Follow RVJ on Google+, although we guess you don’t really check it that often (Do you? Really?). More importantly, please +1 as many of our articles as you can. It’s like giving us money. Not quite, but “like” it.

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