Introducing Brown Line Media

By Mike Fourcher | Monday, September 12, 2011

If you were looking over the footer of this website last week, you may have noticed a new name, Brown Line Media. As things have grown and we’ve added some more titles to the mix, the name Center Square Journal didn’t quite work to refer to everything we do. So we’ve adopted a new name to refer to all of our various publications. We’ll still refer to Center Square Journal, Roscoe View Journal and Edgeville Buzz, it’s just that now they’re all part of “Brown Line Media.”

Oh yeah, and we have a new phone number too: (773) 966-2720. Please call us there if you’ve got tips or you want to advertise. Operators (meaning us) are standing by!

Thank you so much for reading Center Square Journal. We have tremendous fun reporting on your neighborhood!


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