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By Mike Fourcher | Wednesday, June 2, 2010

If there’s a free, electronic way to be a part of Center Square Journal, we’re on it.

We got the Facebook, because that’s what the kidz are doing these dayz. You should join it to show the world how much you like us.

Our Flickr group is an out of this world collection of photos of our neighborhood from readers like you. You should join – and contribute some of your best photos!

Our Twitter is full of all kinds of stuff that isn’t on the site, like links to stories from other publications and little snippets that just aren’t long enough to publish.

And then there’s our email update, perfect for those of us who want to stay up with things, but can’t always remember to check the CSJ website every day.

We write about your favorite neighborhood. And now you can choose your favorite way to read about it!

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