Get Nourished Two Ways: A New Sponsor; An Extended Coupon

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ravenswood UCCThe Center Square Journal is excited to welcome another new sponsor to the fold, Ravenswood United Church of Christ. Located smack in the middle of Lincoln Square and Northcenter at 2050 W. Cullom St., Ravenswood UCC is a 100-year old church with a smaller congregation and a welcoming spirit. If not for any other reason, we encourage you to stop by on Sunday mornings to hear their?genuine?pipe organ and beautiful sanctuary.

Lutz BakeryWe at the Center Square Journal believe in nourishing the body too: Lutz Bakery was so pleased with their 20% off coupon that they’ve extended it another two weeks though May 5. For another two weeks, bring a copy of our coupon to Lutz Bakery & Caf? at 2458 West Montrose Ave. for 20% off their pastries, cookies, candies, cakes, and coffee. Maybe stop by with your laptop to enjoy a pastry and coffee while you read the Journal on their free wi-fi!

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