Did You See CSJ At Your El Stop This Morning?

By Mike Fourcher | Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Our team was at El stops across Northcenter and Lincoln Square this morning, spreading the word about CSJ and what articles to look for this week. Did you see one of us? Did you smile?

It’s been a great few months for Center Square Journal and our sister publications, Roscoe View Journal and Edgeville Buzz. Together, about 60,000 people read us every month, and we’re grateful for your support.

Speaking of support, please check out our flyer sponsor today, Human Performance Institute. On Cuyler, just west of Ravenswood Ave., they’ve got a HUGE state-of-the art fitness facility complete with an endless pool, every machine you can think of, massage and chiropractic care. Please check out their flyer here for great deals on group fitness programs and physical therapy.

Thanks to Brian and Dan at HPI for their support!


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    L, not El.

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