Complete Our Reader Survey By Sunday, Win An iPad

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, October 20, 2011

OK, so if the whole get-a-chance-to-win-an-iPad thing isn’t appealing to you, then answer our reader survey because we really want to know what you want. The aggregate information we gather about your interests helps us produce a better publication and it plays a big role in whether or not advertisers are interested in us. The survey closes on Sunday, so we need you to do it now.

For instance, lots of conversations go like this:

Local Merchant: “How do I know your readers are actually from the neighborhood and not Nigerian princes?”

Us: “We conducted a reader survey last fall, and a gillion percent reported they were from just around the corner from you.”

Local Merchant: “Really? Sold. I love to talk to local customers.”

And scene!

So, do it for the iPad, do it for Apple hype, do it because you like to see a local publication succeed. We appreciate your readership and your help.

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