American Flatbread: ‘It’s Not Dead’

By Patty Wetli | Tuesday, July 31, 2012

American Flatbread may yet fly its colors in Lincoln Square. Or not. Credit: Flickr/Rusty Clark

To recap: In October 2010, American Flatbread announced it was “coming soon” to the Fountainview development adjacent to Lincoln Square’s Giddings Plaza, with a projected opening of April 2011. That deadline passed and in December 2011, Fred Gale, a partner in the venture, told CSJ he was aiming for a Spring 2012 debut.

It’s July now, so we’ve officially blown by spring. Brown paper still covers the windows of the proposed Flatbread and construction progress has been nil. Coming soon or coming never?

“It’s not dead,” Gale assured CSJ when reached by telephone. “I should have a good sense of whether this is going to happen in September. I’m still really hopeful.”

Though not at liberty to discuss the details of what’s caused the lengthy delay, Gale hinted at issues with Flatbread headquarters in Vermont, which he’s alluded to in the past. He still holds a lease on the Fountainview space and anticipates a March 2013 open if the project receives the green light this fall.

During a previous conversation, Gale stated that he was prepared to move forward with a Flatbread-esque concept if the official tie-in fell through, an option that’s now off the table. “If it’s going to go through,” he said, “it will be an American Flatbread.”

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  • http://twitter.com/tinarina tina

    I’m really sick of this. I wish they could give him the boot and get someone else in there. It is so sad to see such a prominent, fantastic location sitting idle. 

  • jkarczek

    Honestly, I’d prefer something totally different there, so I won’t be heartbroken if it doesn’t get the go ahead. Sure, any well run establishment is better than nothing, or something shady. That said, how many pizza, sorry “flatbread”, businesses can a neighborhood absorb? Giddings Plaza is such a critical location for the area, still another pizza place seems like a wasted opportunity. I’m not someone that would ever root against someone with the initiative to establish a reputable new business. That said, if I had my pick of dining concepts in that space, pizza or anything like it, would be about the last thing I’d choose.

  • http://twitter.com/MartyStempniak Marty Stempniak

    Any updates on this? September has come and gone. I wonder if he ever got his “good sense of whether this is going to happen” yet. I’m dying for this place to open.

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