Aldermanic Challengers To Top The Ballot in 32nd and 44th Wards

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, December 2, 2010

The boundaries of the 44th ward, from the Chicago City Clerk website.

The Chicago Board of Elections held a lottery Wednesday afternoon to determine ballot placement for the February 22 municipal elections. Challengers in the 32nd and 44th Wards won top positions.

In the 44th Ward, which runs roughly from Ashland Ave. to the lake and between Diversey Pkwy. and Irving Park Rd., challenger David Winner will top the ballot over incumbent Ald. Tom Tunney.

“When people are undecided they look at the first person on the ballot,” said candidate Winner. “But this isn’t going to matter as much as when theres four or five people on the ballot.  To be honest, I think my last name will have a bigger impact than the position on the ballot.”

In the 32nd Ward, which runs from roughly just south of Addison St. to Diversey Pkwy. and between Racine St. and Western Ave. with a long spur that dips south to Ukrainian Village, challenger David Pavlik won the top spot with the second spot going to incumbent Ald. Scott Waguespack and the third spot going to challenger Brian Gorman. Challenger Peter Diaz, who filed after the first day will get the fourth spot and challenger Bryan Lynch will get the bottom spot on the ballot since he was the last to file in the 32nd Ward.

“I’m excited to be an official candidate and to be the first on the ballot,” said Pavlik. “All of that was luck. But winning will be a matter of hard work. We think that’s the only way to win this race.”

Map of 32nd ward, from the Chicago City Clerk website.

The Board of Elections conducts a lottery for all candidates who arrive before 9:00 am to file their ballot petitions on the first day of filing. Other candidates are awarded their ballot position in order of their filing. Many candidates who do not file on the first day wait to file their petitions at the last minute on the last filing day so they can get the last position on the ballot.

In a crowded field with numerous little-known candidates, many politicos believe voters favor the top and bottom ballot spots.

In the 47th Ward the top spot went to incumbent Ald. Eugene Schulter, as he was the only candidate to file at the opening of the filing deadline. Schulter is being challenged by four candidates, Ameya Pawar, Matt Reichel, Tom Jacks and Tom O’Donnell.

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  • Austin Milbarge

    After reading up on all the challengers, I just don’t trust them. Acting as agents for other political figures
    means we the citizens of the ward won’t come first, and its just slimy politics.

    Our incumbent Alderman has done a perfect job with limited resources from the broke city- the ward is finally a place where people and ideas are valued and respected.

    Why on Earth would we ever want to go back to the way it was before Ald. Waguespack??

  • Anonymous

    On Feb. 22, 2011, the voters will decide who’s number 1.

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