Ald. Tunney Negotiating to Create New School St. Park

By Mike Fourcher | Thursday, May 5, 2011

The three lots under negotiation for a new park. The Openlands-owned lot, 1230 W. School St., is fenced in on the right. (click to enlarge) Credit: Mike Fourcher.

Staffers for Ald. Tom Tunney (44th) report that negotiations are under way to create a new park at 1230 W. School St.

The former factory space, currently owned by neighbor and realtor Eric Kerlow, has been divided into three lots. The easternmost lot was transferred to Openlands, a green space preservation group, on March 30. According to Bennett Lawson, Ald. Tunney’s deputy, Openlands is working to transfer the acquired lot to the Chicago Park District as soon as possible.

Ald. Tunney would like the remaining two lots owned by Kerlow to become parkland as well. “We’re working on acquiring the two lots to the west. We’re working on putting together the fundraising and finance team,” said Lawson.

The two remaining vacant lots are listed at almost $600,000 each.

The location has been eyed by neighbors for a park for almost eight years, since the factory closed and Kerlow purchased the land in 2003.

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